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Signor Benedick the Moor - A Boy, A Man, A King lyrics

[Verse 1: Signor Benedick The Moor]
I'm finally
Black from the back
I mean I'm back from the black
Cruising in orbit just trynna relax
Just got out the martian forest
With boris a Russian tourist
Was fighting off all the Charlies
So I could get home to doris
My company formed a chorus
To celebrate he who's moorish
Lasers galore its
Finally free of the tyranny
Helping out all our brothers
Now evil it should be fearing me
Steering me into fame
I'm just hoping the people feel in me
Cause when you're locked up in a box
And your mind rots
The darkness creeps along
And your only home is a damn cot
Some old sheets
A pillow
And worlds that live in your head
Si tengo el negro siempre
I'd f**ing wish I were dead
And it goes so well with the red
The anger gives like a bed
Just lay in it and forget
Soon it dissipates and instead
The armor of lead
Latches on to your arms and legs
Nothing gets through the plating
But you can't move till it's shed

[Verse 2: Signor Benedick The Moor]
A single syllable
Often free and refillable
Sometimes way too formidable
Maybe I'm just too cynical but
After everything I've seen
Why bother being
It's never enough to change
And no one bothers agreeing
And on the way back from seeing
So many innocent suffer
My eyes created a veil
Between me and the world to buffer
I oughtta be tougher
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Like my brothers find a broad and stuff her
But I ain't seen sleep in weeks
So forget me trynna bluff her
I mean
I'm Holden holding on to stay golden
Suicide by the coppers
All my brothers are folding
My sisters are rolling
Raving with a mouth full of pills
While I'm shell shocked and rocked
Head fulla d**h and a fist full of bills
Forgetting the sk**s
I swear necessary to survive
This sh**s worse then the jungle
Society's love is a lie
For them I would die (why)
It's been burned white into my eyes
But I'm f**ed forlorn forgotten
I've forgotten how to cry

Lost in the maze in a haze angels voices ring out loud
Minotaur with a red scar never got far but he had weight
Cost him the days he prays mama's voices make him out proud
On par with a dead star
Can't no one escape fate

[Verse 3: Signor Benedick The Moor]
Back from the black
And right into thick of the darkness
Picking apart this
Golden flower
Behold the power
The golden hour
Is said to sour
When hung to dry
Pure nectar gets crystalized
And coaxes lies
So melt it down
Sell by the pound
Put twenty down
And forge a crown
And build yourself an empire
Phoenix from the ashes
If he try to step to you
Just give him forty lashes
Keep em all in line
Double fine em they won't look past this
Go down in history as
Emperor now raise your gla**es up
Raise your gla**es up

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