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Signor Benedick the Moor - G6.1 02100 lyrics

[Verse 1]

End another n***a life
And if a n***a try to fight me
I'll need to call my cousin
So I can ball like blues incoming by the dozen
Fight a stupid n***a buggin
Six arms like the seedy soft n***as hugging
Mommy s**y told her lift her shirt show me them muffins
I call her turkey cause I ate her legs and gave her stuffing
I be eating like a motherf**er hold, hold, hold
Not very often, but I still about to take them home
Like a motherf**ing pirate, stole you like empires
Come and try a n***a, paid off all them buyer, n***a
But I fortify them, n***a
My life Fort Knox
Quiet as a deaf mute
Barely ever share my thought
Normally I'm smiling too
But I guzzle guard's pipe
Lying evil gigabox
Pull the f**ing fire ride

[Verse 2]

Debt in the hands of protect and serve
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Loots in your hand and hand on the curb
The curb in the street, streetcar got a store
Store teched to the blue, got a lot of nerve
Don't channel news the status quo
Gotta keep it moving, watch the standard foe
Racism is still alive
Even if they never say it I can see it in their eyes
And the news don't care about important sh**
Media be distorting sh**
Poisoning all the precious minds
And exhausting all of our precious mines
You stealing all of our precious work
Varns on varns of reckless work
Sell our souls for fifteen seconds
You gonna come and inspect your turf
Fame ain't really mean sh**
And that's why these n***as think they need it
Cause sulfur so much hotter than fire
When you feel like your life been meaningless
And a million don't really mean sh**
A million views don't mean sh**
A million bucks don't mean sh**
A million friends don't mean sh**
A million lies don't mean sh**
A million don't really mean sh** [x4]

(A million don't really mean sh**)

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