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Signor Benedick the Moor - .//End lyrics


[Verse 1: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Sitting in my room while my mind's in the air
Eyes so low, with a melancholy stare
Stare at the ground while her hand's in my hair
Wondering what's the point when our time is so rare
Trying to ensnare the truth of our lives
Am I really living, or am I just trying to survive?
I fell in love with art, but it seems so contrived
Superficially controlled by a need to collide
Need to erode, obsession with d**h
Abstract rope wrapped around both my necks
The one filled with air and the one with despair
Buried deep inside my soul and it'll probably stay there
Hope I can pay the fare, the ferry on the styx
Most likely, traffic gon' be a real b**h but
That's alright cause I've always been patient
Probably a result of no one ever relating so
I started faking, living inside my mind and
Jumping at the first sign of love that I could find
I'm playing like it's cool, like everything is fine
Just waiting for the day when I can shine
But maybe it ain't coming (sh**)
At least I ain't bumming
Nothing like a trip to the city with all my n***as with me
But the sleep deprivation really starts to take its toll
Dropped out of college cause n***a, that sh**'s getting old and
Besides I can't afford, besides I'm kinda bored
With the n***as that I hear rapping 'bout... whatever it is they rapping 'bout
I don't even listen anymore
She said I'm an old soul, I said "pull me to shore"
She took both of my hands and promised me that I'd make it
Hopefully my mind and my spirit can escape it
This box that we trapped in, what the f** happened
Last thing I remember, in my high-chair I was strapped in
Last thing I remember, in my high-chair I was strapped in

[Bridge: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Nobody worry cause the doctor's here
Marrying people who queer
Overseer of (and destroyer of) fear
Living a tragic life of madness like I was King Lear
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Aware of everything that you saying, I got a king ear
Don't ever call me King, dear
Majestic, though I am and always one of the people
Believe in treating equal
And I say us, cause soon as it's them
They don't wanna be outdone or ever beaten again
Let's keep it zen

Let's keep it zen

[Verse 2: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Light-a** n***a born in '93
What happened to being a kid? What happened to being free?
Free from cage I like to call responsibility
Respond to wanted ads, I got the job at 18
But end up hating
The b**hes that think they could own me
If only I knew what exactly was in store
In stores, dreaming of making it to the tropical shore
With lyrical and empirical evidence of the score and for
Many moons and many nights
Had dreams of escaping the fiendish devil with his many mics
Lowly intern, washing the floor without any rights
n***as like sixty-something and can't afford any bites for his tummy
I felt bad but sh**, this sh** ain't for me
I was destined to be greater than this Wonderbread and honey
With this money on my mind and music in my soul
Just a couple bars and I feel whole
I stay original, but f**! You know everyone copies everyone
All my favorite teachers say to say "what's in your belly, son?"
So I did
Sometimes I forget I'm not a kid
Sometimes I regret sh** that I did and didn't do
I apologize to younger me, I'm sorry that I'm k**ing you
Apologize to others sorry rappers that I'm k**ing too
I'm waiting for the day that I tell 'Ye "n***a, I'm chilling 2"
And he reply "I'm feeling u"
Another yellow n***a with another f**ing ceiling view
Got these other rappers looking up, they get to reeling too
Two motherf**ing decades, I'm ready for the next stage
I'm finished with the first part, I wanna find the best page
Read it aloud to everybody who's in it for the money
Or saying that I should try comedy cause I sounded funny (f**!)
I'mma tell all these other n***as "good luck"
Cause I'm punk and hip-hop, everybody else is stuck

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