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Signor Benedick the Moor - Call of the Wild lyrics


[Verse 1: Signor Benedick the Moor]
The time is turning
The city's burning
Two up's for the one's who learning
Three's up for the power curtain
Pulling back to the childs hurting
Flirting with darkness, it harken's back noone's really certain
Blurting out the [anakis?] anthem
Demon fathers are dancing
Unholy babies grace-prancing, under two meters of pa**ion, asking who f**ed up them, damned them
Held up for ransom, they asking who put a mirror in this land of the darker valley they pa**ing
Fasten seatbelts, they gasping
This miscarriage is lasting far too long
Sewn 'em up your nasal cavity, pull out the bong
Take that pill to the face, so you don't see what's wrong
And drown in prescription syrup so when they come, you don't hear it, because the
Guns run n***a
The turning points are coming
The ancient gods are calling
And the choruses are humming
We see it every day in the n***as on corners bumming
The signs in they hands, the man illness is rampantly a running

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[Verse 2: Signor Benedick the Moor]
sh**, it's like they got me
Pulled out the 9 and shot me
Murder 10 and be copied
Copycat in the hat is k**ing ransom and it's rocky
Slope make it harder to cope with rope n***as being cocky
I'll never let 'em lock me down, or drown em all in the sounds
Suffocation from profound
Innovation can be found
Release all of the hounds
But why you in prison gowns?
'Cuz jumpsuits ain`t as nice
Selling a brother for a crooked price
So quick to look away
That's out all to the other
But what happens when that other turning out to be your brother?
We all live in an island
The island that is our mother
A plane crash in the jungle
The fire begin to smother
It's like there's blood in the river
Really just another human sacrifice
Beelzebub will help you out, and all you do is ask him nice
So you lock the f**ing gold and all you need's the asking price
Everyone's eternal soul, f** ever having an afterlife

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