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Signor Benedick the Moor - All Revere lyrics

[Verse 1: Signor Benedick the Moore]
Try to write this song and nothing's on the paper
Wishing I was a savior like Kendrik
But I'm stuck being a safer
Suburban I'da fight anybody like antibody
Trying to infect the music, disrespect and abuse it like you fakers
Phonies on the streets
Friends who only want beats
Cut 'em off and now they're groveling at my feet
Am I complete? Am I all there?
Alone in a room, and yet they all stare
Paranoia kicked in as soon as I got my first ball hairs
Discrete, just like puberty I'll never be the same
Seems like nothing's ever really new to me
First day of cla**, though it looked more like a f**ing zoo to me
Seems like these other kids still ain't got a goddamn clue to me
And neither do these rappers
And now the kids grown and they listen to the slappers
And they get they dicks blown, they just a bunch of actors
Well, when in Rome, I'm looking for my seem but it's gone

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[Verse 2: Signor Benedick the Moore]
All I see is kids trying to be grown
Sitting by the pool while others only condone
And I'm stuck thinking alone
Holding the phone up to your ear
I sense something is near
That's the pharmaceutical pioneer
Crush it and throw it in a beer drowning your fear
I chained the pot hot with a sneer
[?] eye drops and now the motivation is clear
An overseer And I said it before maybe a little earlier
I'm a regular ender-bender but my hair is a little curlier
Or maybe a lot
Stay quiet because I'm afraid I'm full of snot
At least it isn't the fecal matter left in your friends' brains to rot
Hot shot down I can see my cerebrals down in the pot
Gotta steal it back but I can never write what's never bee bought
Sit on a cot, comprised of elements and bone
[?] are out of control I realized I have no home
At least not here well anyplace [?] perhaps it's in my soul
The antithesis to all fear

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