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Signor Benedick the Moor - A2onality lyrics

[Verse 1: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Outside in the wind there's something hiding in the cornfield
And unluckily for the farmer it's far worse than what a storm yield
He wakes in the morning to find a curious pattern of stalks
Flattened and the rings remind his children of Saturn
"It's just a prank," what they tell him and he believes it himself
But whoever's been doing it has been expertly employing stealth
This couldn't have been the first and he doubts that it's the last
And if he catch his a** the culprit will be flattened out himself
That night the farmer's wife tucks in the children
The smallest one building something he saw next to the building
He tells her he saw it earlier hovering next to the window
She comments on his new friend but he says it's not a friend though
The oldest daughter can't keep still, "What is it, what's wrong Jill?"
She gets out of bed and says "Mama I don't wanna be k**ed"
The mother is shocked and blames it on the oldest watching the show she's banned
How many times has he been told this, she scolds him
And that's when the light came down from the heavens
But Julie wasn't religious and she didn't even believe in three sevens
It blinded her for a moment and filled her mind with white noise and one word

[Verse 2: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Now the light was gone and she gave a sigh of relief
But something in her soul still felt something like grief
Or something that didn't register even in her subconscious
Oh well, she went to the kitchen for something to eat
Her husband was in a huff saying something about lights in the sky
And he'd die before those pranksters struck again and that wasn't a lie
"You saw it right?" He was now referring to the lights
She says "You're being ridiculous", he says "It was quite a sight"
But something's not right, Julie looks at the light on the stove in the kitchen
And gas was the fright and the husband upstairs checking up on the children
[Verse 3: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Fifteen miles to the west and at best ten days later
The mayor of Emmettville calls an a**ociate and asks for a favor
His teeth stained from the tobacco half an inch from the reciever
Calls in his a**istant and sweats a little bit until he sees her
Meanwhile a man rides his horse into town
It's been ten days since anyone under ten has been found
Six days since he heard the sick sounds of his wife as she drowned
Walked right into a lake in her evening gown
The man looked around and then he frowned
What he saw wasn't the village that he remembered
Cars had been ripped apart and an unidentifiable animal had been dismembered
And shopfronts mercilessly pillaged
This was no longer a home, more like a warzone and the man could spell December
Round the corner something stirred, off flew a bird and then ten more
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Something freaky was going on but who could they send for?
Cars were useless, electricity wouldn't run
Whoever they were against, it seemed they had won
In front of the mayor's office door layed the charred remains of Jennifer in a heap on the floor
And though no one ever bothered to stop and ask anymore
The frame was more than willing to explain the figure from before
It walked though him, its gray skin loose on its bones
Nearly forty-eight inches with eyes the size of stones
He pulled out a machine unlike the frame had ever seen
And set it down on the table and remained deaf to all the screams

[Verse 4: Signor Benedick the Moor]
The frame watched as the stranger turned on the device
That resembled something like a cross between a television and a vice
And despite all the mayor's protests and pleas for discourse
It appeared that the stranger cared not a bit
He took the apparatus, hooked it to the mayor, flipped another switch
And watched as the man's body was turned to dust until it seemed nothing was left
Then he took the device and left, the room of all life bereft
The frame stayed where it was, unable to move as always, just watch
He had quite liked that form, even if she did do naughty things with the mayor on the other side of the door
Even if everyone else called her a whore
She was the only one that noticed him

[Verse 5: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Jeremy hadn't slept since he saw his mother days ago
Under familiar covers, blood was over in the corner
Jeremy loved the latter, hated the former
Where had they been taken? Why had they been forsaken?
There were hundreds here and they were all shaking
Where was his father? Why hadn't his brother woken up and
Why bother to keep going after his family all broken up?

[Verse 6: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Back inside the capital is four men, two is holding guns and two attempt to defend
One insists that the other is only here as a friend
And two believed that he's crazy and for them this could be the end
Watch: 8:32 PM, the farmer creeps to the left, the deputy takes a breath
The third man starts to step and the stranger attempts to bend
Blaow! The stranger to Hades the farmer sends
The third man wears Chucks and a sport coat
His gla**es flimsy, lenses in red and blue cellophane, he's pissed
He had hoped that the farmer would miss, he stands above the stranger
Tall and thin, skin of a greenish hue, blood of blue spilling on the floor
With his last breath he hands the man a device
The man in gla**es explains that this device was going to get the kidnapped people back
That no one in fact was k**ed, no one was k**ed
Except for the man responsible for saving everyone

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