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German progressive metal band Sieges Even formed in Munich in 1985, originally comprising singer Franz Herde, guitarist Markus Steffen, ba**ist Oliver Holzwarth and his drummer brother Alex. The following year the group cut its first demo, Symphonies of Steel, trailed in 1987 by Bootleg-Ca**ette; three more demos -- Apocalyptic Disposition, Violent Alterations and Repression and Resistance -- appeared before Sieges Even signed with Steamhammer to make their official debut with 1988's Life Cycle. In the wake of 1990's Steps, Herde left the lineup, and was replaced by singer Jogi Kaiser for 1991's A Sense of Change. Both Kaiser and Steffen soon exited Sieges Even, with their next LP Sophisticated -- recorded with new frontman Greg Keller and guitarist Wolfgang Zenk -- not appearing until 1995; Uneven followed two years later and was the group's swan song, with Steffen and the Holzwarth brothers later reuniting in Looking-Gla** Self. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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