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Siddy Ranks - Never To Late lyrics

It's never too late
For a man a rest to wake
The time daddy wake up
Is the Time, Daddy should rise
It's never never never too late (etc)
All my lonely days
And all my sleepless nights
That's why I take this girl now
To stay by my side
Stay by me and I will stay by you
I know that you will change from the things you use to do
Now we going out
And later when we come in
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We gotta love girl
So we gonna jump and sing
It's never too late (etc)
Because of this loneliness
It caused me to walk alone
This girl saw me lonely
And take me by my hand
She don't know my name
Or know where I man belong
She looked at my face and say
Son live like a man
It's never too late (etc)
It's never never to late (etc)

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