Shy Glizzy - First 48 lyrics

Young Jefe homes

[Verse 1]
These n***as so scary
Won't let them bury me
That's why I keep my 30 I shoot like Curry
And boy I'm getting money I'm getting money
These n***as hilarious I think they funny
Empty out his pockets he on easter bunny
My b**h she trying to play me but I'm not no dummy
Oh I got some louis sh** can't wait to swag it up
I just left the dealership can't wait to gas it up
Boy I got a lot of pounds can't wait to bag em up
My new b**h from out of town you know she bad as f**
What I just spent in Lenox could've bought a Audi truck
I told her she can get it but she can't stay out the clubs
Put her on to designer now I can't find her
The way she used rock my mic, I should have signed her
If I knew she was gone be a hoe I would have fined her
50 on my Glizzy chain I'm just gone blind her
I'm balling just like 23 way back in '93
I'm so high right now feel like I'm on my balcony
Every time I hear po-po's, feel like they after me
I bet I blow more money than yo favorite athlete
And my dog Yayo get more b**hes than you peons
Every time I'm in the A, they treat me like I'm Deon

Glizzy Gang and Neon n***as know we be on
I know one thing, they ain't on the sh** that we on
Got n***as on the Boulevard and n***as on the Crest
Got too much respect if you play then you get left
I'm in this b**h with long and we smoking stuffed crust
Damn I had a long day I need somewhere to run

[Verse 2]
Feeling just like Kane swerving in that new mustang
b**h play with my name smack her with my Jefe ring
Got my bad habits from uncle Pootie Tang
Chasing after cabbage but I ran into the fame
Tre seven my block, you can't come there after dark
Murder Murder Murder 3 gone shoot you with the Glock
This summer we back Glizzys walking round with knots
Pistols on our hip won't be them n***as getting got
I just left from Saks spent some racks and that's a fact
Momma get that call and she gone have a heart attack
That's why I stay strapped loaded like I'm from Iraq
How that n***a run up and get hit up in his back
Lay that a** down let that s**a feel them rounds
Hit him 9 more times ask him how he like the sound
Lay that a** down p**y cat goin' meow
Wetting up my [?] almost drowned
Atlanta jugging pounds in an Uber downtown
b**h don't want to maneuver, take her a** downtown
f**in' that b**h no lay ups sorry I don't wanna lounge
First 48 these n***as promise I won't make a sound

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