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SHVUN DXN - That Knock lyrics

Crack open a 40 let that ba** ride
Roll me up a shawty as that ba** ride
When the b**hes get naughty I push they face down
Where ever u go, I'm known

[Verse 1: SHVUN DXN]
And I'm known there, where you from bet I gotta home there
4-0 wit a big blunt on the front porch wit a lawn chair
Blonde hair from switzerland I'm gettin them n I don't care
b**h get the weed n roll it up wit a case of brew she a team player
Get the E we rollin, n a car that's stolen
Music hella loud smokin' while 2w patrolling
Not a f**, Neva gave one and I say it in the open
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Just ridin' wit that potent and my potion


[Verse 2: SHVUN DXN]
All my n***as animals, y'all danimals
That's liquid soft, 4 tippin' grain gripping swag sticky drippin' off
A cool young Harlem money getta breaking bricks of soft
Get a large lump sum and I'm lifting off
Catch me at your b**hes loft
Let her count that bread, while I puff my tree
Give me head when I pop my E tryn get so dead F.A.D.E.D
N the OGs f** wit how I roll tell me keep it 050 lock n load


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