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Shenseea - Don't Blame Me lyrics

Feat : Santigold

Mi body good mi body clean n s**y
Extra grip God gimme when him bless mi
Mi nuh crush clothes dutty foes cyaah press mi
If dem think seh dem a mathematics try test mi
Gyal a throw a bag a wud mek dem gwaan talk
Is a old use water bottle that weh cyaah cork
b**hes affi mek appointment fi address mi
Vex true dem husband a pest mi

Doh blame me a nuh my fault
Mek da bumpa yah look good inna mi tight shorts
Doh blame
Mek yuh boyfriend si mi n a get wild thoughts
Doh blame me,mi seh doh blame me my girl
Easy like doh,ray,me,mi nuh kno weh yuh feel my girl...yuh cheesy like

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Wha ya know girl what you know bout me
One more time see me turn their heads
On guard now see your babe need more
Work it out now don't make me your foe
When I walk through the town me I stop them dead
Don't look now's what they doctor said
Get to packin in the fun when he in your bed
All talk chalk it up to a threat

If you wan talk love
You talkin bout me you don't know enough
Run my affection deep like the sea
Not a man here want go that distance
Make you fall down, seeing love now when I sashay
Wonderin then bout what witch doctor say yeah
Back in line, go your way sweetheart, one by one or I'll take you far now

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