Shekhinah - Power To She lyrics

Feat : Rouge

I wanna be
I wanna be
An african queen
I wanna be
I wanna be

I wanna be
I wanna be
An african queen
Beats down to my feet yeah
Just start for me to seeing you to dream
Big booty till the day I go
I never left
What you think me holding your self let's go yeah
know you don't like me because I don't do w
hat I see
I get around on my own two feet yeah
Guess I just don't show enough to get what's in my comfort so I work hard for what I want
you know you'd pay more for my love

and I don't gotta say I do
don't gotta say I do yeah (x2)

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Everybody's tryna be a bad girl but it's a man's world
we run this world

power to she who knows she's a queen yeah
power to she yeah

I wanna be
I wanna be


Yeah she got her juice
yeah she got her crown for her juice
boss with a case in a suit
yeah everybody stop when she move
controlling everybody like a sin yeah
took her to the top now she super on lock go dark
she ain't giving out the pin yeah
overtime, Double up
double like a twin
gotta work, Work, work for the little that she gets
African queen now she taking out the best I'ma do the most while you looking at the rest(noo, no)

I'm be a queen 24/7 and I don't need a reason

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