Shatta Wale - Neighborhood Hero lyrics


Shatta Wale
Stop judge all de ghetto youth now
Dun know seh we dey hustle hard
Big up to every fallen soldier


Shatta Wale
As we dey start dis thing
Dem seh wi nuh go reach no where
Dem dey judge me by mi clothes and rasta hair
From wi step up to dem, dem seh na na na mor n3
We sit inna de ghetto and police come to arrest
Adey go radio stations dem seh je j3m3 j3m3 j3m3
Ano dey lie oo ask Bone,ask Stone and Keche
But mi i say ago hit straight inna dem face
True story now dem wonder how wi just ah do it

Shatta Wale
Dem'alla neighborhood hero
Man'ah-nah neighborhood hero
Control de south and wi control de north
I am a neighbourhood hero
I am a neighbourhood hero
Big up every ghetto youth inna de ghetto
I am a neighborhood hero
I am a neighborhood hero
Dem wounder how de ghetto youth ah rise to de top
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Real neighborhood hero
Real neighborhood hero
Big up all mi shattas and big up all'ah mi thugs

Shatta Wale
Well it so sa-sad
The truth is hard to find
Know mi nuh liar
Ghetto youth affi rise
But wi dem all'a fight
Ah wi dem'ah fight
See mi rise higher
Dem wonder how wi rise higher

Shatta Wale
See everyday Shatta still ah do de road
After 10 years dem see me dem seh me abi ghost
I change ma style
I change my ways dem say wow
Me and my manager make sure seh we collect every dough
Because of badmind so i buy pow pow
And i dey hear some people say Shatta Wale be too known
Herh you dun know where i hustle where i go
Ano fi tell you well but me i know Nogokpokpo
But nothing happen and i know seh Jah Jah know
I seh nobody go fi make man no you for know
But ghetto youth blessing be de blessing
Ebi de ghetto weh i get all these blessing
I learn ma lesson nobada vex me
But today see every blogger dey down press me

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