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[Intro – Shatta Wale] Willis beatz agaga, ayoo ayoo [Verse 1 – Shatta Wale] No bi today you dey fake brother Everyday la borrow trouser always you dey chill for corner We know you hey brother You see your life oo b3 ona You dey fam say you be borga Before you go to twist You dey pa** epo park to take (?) How much be voltic water You dey talk walking borga You cause fight for your neck You no dey see say heat dey Ghana Boys dey pop champign for club You go take gla** like you buy am Which kind big boy bi this Allo allo bibii You no dey Legon but everyday you dey hold book Like you get lectures No bi your car your friend car Everyday you dey take go pose [Hook/Chorus] (x4) You see your life ooo Allo lololo [Verse 2 – Kwaw Kesse] W'packy Range Rover Jack 3ny3 wo di3 Allo brother Car nu w'ntua ka Okyena amopa Kwaw b3 br3 blogger Madtime na SM allo n***ars Mo nk) ywe trouser million Dollar mansion nansu )ntii da You see you concert like, allo lololo You just dey make noice like alavadi toto tototo Ako wo last coin aa Fa k) num koko koko ne koose Wa y3 yawa ywe aa K) k) twi bobo bobobo [Hook/Chorus] (x4) You see your life ooo Allo lololo [Verse 3 – Shatta Wale] Some girls dey rush for town too much But dem no get nothing Wanna be oo wanna be life Dem dey live for street Go check where she dey stay Public toilet she dey pay But when she see boys for town She say tra**aco hey She no go yankey before But she dey glang hey (?) Hey see some yawa blofo Eno bi byfore your parents send you to school But you dey follow oko I won know the job you dey do 3nd3 m3 k) party mmmh so that be why you bleech so You bleech like bob whisky Madam posschick [Hook/Chorus] (x4) You see your life ooo allo Allo lololo [Verse 4 – Shatta Wale] Opana no get w3 Nansu )sole aa na )y3 dede W'runny na nu saa Efite chebi to Tamale Ne papa ne mawako Ye si dan w) tra**aco, )bua Sunday na bible )k) asore w) ebeneszer, azaa Kwame kufanku Wo gyeni a m3 ti wo tu WO dollar aka y3 baaku Wo china mpabua y3 mienu Y3nk) d) wo atabraku agu [Hook/Chorus] (x4) You see your life ooo Allo lololo

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