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Shannon Noll - Down On Me lyrics

Used to be, you and me, we had something
Whats goin on, somethings wrong, your saying
So let it out, scream and shout, it'll eat
you up inside
Let it rain, share the pain, start
communicating, yeah
Dont face it on your own

Let it all fal down
Let it all fall down on me
Let it all fall down
Down on me yeah
Have a little faith in me
And let it all fall down on me
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Now you know, this world is so, full of
Your not alone, together I know we can make
Let me share the load, Im ready to go


This world try to take what you got
Anytime ready or not
In the end it's up to you
Keep on punchin till you break through

Let it all fall down, down on me yeah


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