Shane Eagle - Cutting Corners lyrics


I'm just hoping that you miss me
Coz I'm really trying, really trying
Always feel like something's missing
When I think about us, Think about us

(Verse 1)
I've been living life on faith you know
And if you don't know Eagle
I hope this song will set it straight you know (Yeah)
Coz I remember when they doubted me
Same n***as called me back and told me that they proud of me (Yeah)
I mean we all got baggage
It's a long drive to heaven and I'm just trying to put some gas in
It breaks my heart when I call my mom to come and see me coz
She thinks I got money now since she see me on the TV but
She never seems to believe me when I tell her it's not that easy but
I guess we'll figure that out (Yeah)
Too many people leave the world without changing it
And when I realized I wasn't perfect
Was the same time I started embracing it (Yeah)
I love your flaws, stop erasing it
And you got problems hommie, so start facing it (Yeah)
And stop jocking, and start racing it
Coz life is long nja yam', so start pacing it
When you pack your gun don't forget to pack your bible too
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Coz I remember times when I was suicidal too
It's okay to lose your temper my n***a
It's okay to roll some weed and get on your level ma n***a
It's okay, it's okay. It will be okay, it's okay
You get on your knees and you pray
And you thank God for this day (day-hay)
Both Parents don't think I'm greatful enough
And I hope I don't lose her, trying to be faithful enough (yeah)
My sister's always worried about what Shane's gonna say (Shane's gonna say)
I seen her popping pills to make the pain go away
She thinking about the sun to make the rain go away (rain go away)
And she looking at the roof to make the blame go away


(Verse 2)
I'm losing weight coz I'm not eating the same
And I got bags under my eyes coz I'm not sleeping the same (yeah)
Trying to bring revelation and sh**
And shout out all my n***as getting educated and sh** (yeah)
And shout out all my n***as with their 9 to 5 jobs (9 to 5 jobs)
Still think about their dreams when they got some time off (got some time off)
You hate your job but it's better than being broke (being broke)
And working minimum wage just to stay afloat (hey)
You life's gotta be worth more than 50 Rand and hour
And when you turn to crime, they call you a coward
That's just how it goes these days
I pray to God I'm blessed and that my art stills pays
(my art stills pays x6)

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