Shahmen - Poison lyrics

Poison lyrics


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[Hook x2] Water is all polluted Beach is all just sewage And I’m just tryna find my girl Before it all is ruined (hey) Water is all polluted Beach is all just sewage And I’m just tryna find my love Before it all is ruined (hey) [Verse 1: Bless] Woke up in Venice beach with an itch for some nicotine Stepped aside and saw the sun and felt the rays against my cheek The life is sweet, but the end is near so wasting time is suicide I’m down the ride and I’m always here Locked up in my own heart, tryna find my own peace Focus on survival and forget about that ol’ feast I’m all good, no bad days Crushing out a roach with my two fingers in the ash tray Unfold it like a lotus, happiness is my motive Poetry is my modus, used to fear that no one would notice Now there’s thousands that know this, Russians who got colded Woke up and I’m zoning, started writing and owned it (uh) [Hook x2] [Verse 2: Bless] Say the end is coming, and ain’t no point in running Nowhere safe there’s no escape, this karma’s gon’ be something Schools keep on closing but the prisons always stay open Whole system is broken, can of worms has been opened Might as well keep smoking, cease the day and go and own it Dig a grave and toss a rose at all of my opponents Blow a kiss straight to my girl, she’s the only one in the world Share my bed and all my bread, fingers running through her curls But now I gotta find her, lost her in the summer All alone and the worlds end and what a f**ing bummer, but Swear to God I’mma find her cause true love waits (ahh) Been singing all these love songs before it’s just too late [Hook x2]

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