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Shabazz PBG - Intro (Shabazz Nxgga 2) lyrics


Shabazz n***a - 2 (Lil b**h)
Free the gang (lil b**h)

[Verse 1]

Never had sh** n***as still hate on me
In the beamer and i ride with that K on me
Boss n***a got my b**h makin plays for me
Outta town wanna Re-Up
Gotta wait on me
They got my bruvas in jail
1 and 23 Just like my gun
Its a Glock 23
And its 1 on top
When im out in the streets
Fully auto drink gon f** up the scene
Sippin Codeine put my b**h in Selene
Givenche sneakers my Glock got a beam
All a young n***a had
Was a dream
Heard you sippin lean
That sh** ain't clean
Heard that was yo b**h
She gunkin the team
That b**h got torch
She got ooze on my jeans
Tae Dog just walked in this b**h in Bazene
Check my Dm
Ya lil b**h trynna see me
Check the rollie lil n***a
Diamonds blingin
Ain't in the club
If they ain't let my gang in
PBG OTD my n***as dangerous
At the Holiday Inn
Like my name Jamie
Can't f** with these n***as
They always Schemin
Glock put a hole
Through that lil n***a Beanie
Full metal jackets run through his whole team
(Bow Bow Bow Bow)
Free lil mar he might hop out da car!
In a foreign car
With a AR
Sonin' these n***as
That boy my JR
Hop out da car
Leave the doors Ajar
"Aye bro, grab the AR"
Walk down hit his car
76 Dueces leave more than Stars
Sippin codeine while my b**h
At the Bar
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Walk through the mall
They treat me like a star
In a Double R
Im seein Stars
(BITCH) Bro offa too many bars
Im inna club offa mud
Christian Lubratin
Im sippin blood
RIP Don and Dre
It ain't no love
Fell off with the plug
And Re'd up on slugs
They like lil bro why you do that
Bruh i was out
Had to get back
Hop out da car
They like who that
Im in all black with the compact
You got the bank
Watch me Stomp that
Oh thats your boo
Better Watch that
Cuz my gang pull up and snatch
Run up in his house
We flippin the mat
Go outta town
I got packs and
I don't like high tech and plastic
Gla** bottle with a model
Beamer truck on Forgiato
They like that boy hit the Lotto
Go to georgetown
f** up Sabiato
Leave the Vegas
Now im in toronto
I need them bags here pronto
You need water grab a Poncho
Blac play with choppers like congos
Made my first 50 round Largo
My boujee b**h dont smoke Fronto
Intersept your pockets
Where ya Bomb go
Local trap star
In a Tai Hoe
This sh** not work
Like im Rondo
Nothin but f**in b**hes
While they mom home


Shabazz n***a - 2(LIL BITCH)
Free the gang (lil b**h)

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