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Shabazz PBG - Give Em' A Reason lyrics

Rip Bob
Free Lil Mar
He might hop out the car
Shabazz Nigga
Free the gang!

[Verse 1]
Hundred rounds on me when i'm at vita
Bad bitch, get my bape out the cleaners
Sipping codeine, when I zone out i'm dreaming
When i'm in it she tell me not to leave it
Might not be love, I just know that I need it
Pop a perc she want more, it ain't no sleeping
I'm that nigga that your bitch wanna cheat with
Four seasons violator L.I. Bimmer
Had to stay down cause my family need me
I swear this shit be too easy
Niggas hating my brother for no reason
Prolly the reason these niggas ain't eating
Momma told me "stay away from the leaches"
She said I was next before 'If You Need It'
I'm in Atlanta, I remember scheming
Fuck a location, my niggas be creeping
Sneak diss on twitter, I already peeped it
Niggas be pussy, they just gone delete it
Stay the same cause niggas change more than seasons
Lil niggas pockets skinny, little ceasers
Walk down, make a nigga shake like a season
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If you need ice then come meet me at Rita's
Just spent your re-up on Yeezy Adidas
Christian Louboutin, my bitch sleep in Diesel

[Hook]: x4
Niggas hating i'ma give em a reason
(Give me a reason, Give me a reason)

[Verse 2]
I hop out the car with two ninas
Walk em down, grab the choppa, fuck the [?]
[?], they feel like they need us
Sipping clean lean pour it up in a liter
Bad bitch, she look like Aaliyah
Tryna see if she can do more than tease me
She really fuck with me
She can't get enough of me
She fucking with me like she stuck with me
Glock 4 5 and it's stuck to my double G
Bro pop two xanaxs he ain't fucking sleep
Took the plug down, that nigga ain't fuck with me
Pussy niggas get no love from me
Just picked up feature money at the [?]
Swear I could teach these niggas, they know nothing
Why the fuck is you toting, you won't bust it?

[Hook]: x4
Niggas hating i'ma give em a reason
(Give me a reason, Give me a reason)

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