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Shabazz PBG - Get It lyrics

We just trap niggas in the stu with shooters
Watchin' them cameras, smoking gas, no hookah
These niggas, they watching my every move
You hate [?] ass just like Kim Possible
Hundred band lick, ain't no Mission Impossible
Them shooters on your street they watching you
All of my young niggas wit' it, no stoppin' 'em
Boxing opps, you know they poppin' 'em
In a coupe with a shoulder strap chop on 'em
We in real life, these niggas watching the news
On Twitter acting tough 'cause they think they cool
Bitch I been popping since middle school
In high school Dae-Dae had a deuce deuce
Now that nigga got a forty
Hit you and your lil shorty
I'm off the drink so my voice sound distorted
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Foreign bitch take all my orders
Plug get sent across the border
I got the gas for the low
Lil bro the plug on the low
Bro got the ice, he just might make it snow
Misty gon' pour up a four
Look at these Balenci's steppin' on your ho
I fucked up a roll and Givenchy'ed my toe
Ain't no deals on this side, bitch I need a bankroll
I'm off a perc when I hit it
Walk in the strip club, I'm tipping
Went to Vegas, got a shipment
You know my whole gang gon' flip it
Ooh, we really getting it
Ooh, these niggas bitches
Ooh, I will not quit it
I'm a trap nigga, I really get it

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