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Shabazz PBG - Bentley Coupe ( lyrics

Catch a uber to the double tree
I took his his bitch, now she stuck with me
I'm with my dons,so I'm sucker free
If you trappin, Nigga fuck with me
Glock 17, that bitch stuck wit me
macks got the macs in his diesel jeans
Smoking OG, Im a diesel fiend
Sippin codiene all I need is clean
Q got the mac he might buss you
A.R 15 hold 100
Niggas bluffin, my niggas be gunning
We up next to need for discussion
If the choppa torch than Ima usher
If the pussy torch than ima buss her
Choppa on me like im Russian
Bad bitch with me, Keep on muggin
Smoking good gas, you be huffin
Pussy wet I'm in her stomach
Post in your trap like I run it
You need a bag I ain't fontin
Bro got the Xans in the oven
Go to cali your bitch lovin
Bought her a bag now she fuckin
I get them bags on a bunion
Fuck 2016 (Fuck it)
that's the year i lost my brovas
Niggas swear they real they undercover
Yezzy addias, feds blitz Ima run em
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We gon shoot it out, no need for discussion
Ruger or Glizzy right there by my stomach
Niggas fakin i cant fuck wit it (Bitch)
Thought it was a box, but it was a dummy brick
I took that lil nigga rock
but he thought he gon ?
Twist your finger fuck the opps
Mouth closed don't do cops
Niggas faking glocks knock off his socks (Why you fakin)
Bro put 50 in the new AR
Momma proud cus she know ima star
Fuck 12 Free lil mar!!!!!
Choppa too big to fit in a coupe
free da fool he might shoot at your boo
She want Christian Lou's no jimmy choo
Fuck my rich bitch in Givenchy shoes
I sent that lil bitch a uber
She got good head lil a tuba
Niggas talk tuff on computers
Out in public, they be muted
That fendy shit my bitch abuse it
I send them packs and I move it
That glock on me Ima shoot it
Only the dons lil nigga you stupid
Double R might drive it boujee
I took my bitch to the movies
Her pussy wet like jacuzzi
CURB SERVICE 2 its a movie!!!!

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