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Severe Beats - The Mirror lyrics

[Verse One]:
I always said that I would never fall in love
I stand up in anything I do
‘Cause if every night I'm hanging out at clubs
She could be in with another dude
All that I'mma do is mess you up
‘Cause I'mma want you faithful staying true
But if some other chicks want me to cut
There's nothing like a coochie if its new
So tell me how to tell you that? “I'm keeping it one hunned,”
Should I just say, “I'm a man” that's the best that I can come with?
I look at all the stars that had wifeys when they was nothing
As soon as they got to something they left ‘em, it got me bugging
Peep Dwyane Wade, Lil Wayne, Will Smith, Swizz
You start to aim a chick with fame, that's real sh**, switch
But it ain't all the same, you can be rich and find a girl that got a name and she end up being a b**h
I wrote this verse laying next to
A chick wit two kids, thought that I was there to rescue
She mentioned stepdad, step one, get shoes
Step two, front door I left thru she said eff you
All this time, just nieces and nephews
Living my dream through Dub and my brother
Can you be a superstar and have a wife that has your heart that was there from the start or is it one or the other?

[Hook] {X2}
Is it the girl or the world?
The fam or the fame, the love of the doe or the love of the game?
I'm looking in the mirror
I'm look look look look
Looking in the mirror, I ask him

[Verse 2]
I hang out with married couples yea I know you have your troubles but you still have each other…and that's real
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And that provides you peace, if I had a girl at home
Would my drive decrease huh?
Or would it make me go real hard
Broke up wit my ex ‘cause she said I need a real job
Now she getting married got an invite in the mail
Hit her on Facebook, asked her how she feels
She said she's sorta happy but because she couldn't have me
She settled for someone crappy and that's just being real
I said I wish you woulda lied
Cause now I'm checking pictures reminiscing bout her thighs
Sending flirty messages and getting back replies
Now we setting up a date to rekindle so tell me why
Would I want to be the dumb groom one day thinking that
I got me a winner while some rap n***a's hitting that?
…Or some dude wit a good credit score
…Might as well tour and then get with whores
I swear doing music gave me power
But at the same time it has made me sour
I see the mirror and gaze for hours praying that my future holds some presents at my babyshower
I told my boy I love recording
Said he thought he did too until he got a wife and daughter
He sees his little girl wake up every morning
Said he had to stop rapping ‘cause the garbage he was talking
Wasn't good enough for her to hear, now he asking me where I see myself in twenty years
I want money
I mean success or better living
But I don't define happiness with Websters definition
Is it hits, cameras, b**hes, ice?
Or kids, family, the mrs, a wife?
Or homes, cars, living the life
Or having someone to hold every night?
I don't know


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