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Sevenglory - Ever Be Enough lyrics

I've wandered for so long
Seems like I've been down this road before
so alone and fading from the light
I feel your existence
Even now I have to close my eyes
Echoes in my head are feeding me lies

Send me fire from the sky
an angel from on high
My heart cries

Will I ever be enough?
Will I ever see the beauty that's inside inside of me?
Will I ever be enough?
Will I ever see the way you see me?
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I'm lost in emotion
Overtaken by my every breath
Finding strength I never knew I had
A promise
A let down
Back to where I did not know myself

You call to me. It must be someone else

For so long now
I've left the thought of gaining any promise of new life
I'm living in the shadows
I look away just long enough
To realize my life will never see tomorrow

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