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Seed of 6ix - Not Ah One lyrics

Hook (Locodunit):
Red fuck, blue fuck
One fuck, two fuck
I don't give no fucks
Not ah one
You ain't got no guns
Not ah one
You ain't got no funds
Not ah one
Red trick, blue snitch
One pound, two bricks
Y'all ain't in the kitchen
Not ah one
All of y'all some bitches
All the one
They choosing or you picking
Neither one

[Verse 1: Lil Infamous]
Tie butterfly knot 'round ankles 'round cinder blocks
Send him off cliffs sorry hope you miss the river rock
Clips like a cinema
Duck in your grass 'bout to put some in his ass like a enema
Don't have enemies call my Ruger "Victoria"
Cause I run that ho beneath me
Don't think that I will not unload
Oh ho my name is Ricky not Ryan, I don't keep no Secrets
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Surely conceited, live for a reason
When a young nigga get bored like Ouija
Got the twin Glocks doubling shots at two niggas turned them into a paraplegics
Found where his mammy sleep leave her pajamas creased
Kill his whole family, it's killing season
Don't get no warnings
When you done mourning, I'll see you afternoon, like evenings

Hook (repeat)

[Verse 2: Locodunit]
Is she a killa? I'll marry a ho
A body count like two area codes
I'll be downplay I'm in Paul Bearer mode
And we got guns like a terrorist attack
Tell them niggas "nigga they can get they terrorists attacked"
Iraq with the gas ??? by the packs
A bitch will come straight to the door of your ride
Lean in your window say shit to distract
Like "can I hop in? I got a couple of friends."
"You got a couple of friends. Maybe we can all be friends."
I come to the back of your Benz
As soon as she give me that look and the grin
I'm 'bout to come with the F and the N
She put one in your chest, I put one in your chin
One hell of a setup ho!

Hook (repeat)

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