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Seckond Chaynce - Hot 16 lyrics

Yo, as an artist I feel you gotta be animated
Gotta be creative with the ability to grip the attention of a demographic who don't listen to this kinda music we grooving to specially Christian Hip Hop
Branging the hammer but keeping the people elevated
Meaning your hittin em and convicting em
And your gettin em thinkin about their salvation from what your spittin em
Never trickin em gripping their ears but never tickling em
Hummin and comin and makin em make that stank face
After you finish your presentation every bodies looking in awe
Even the people that was hating on you in the beginning are now complementing and hollering brother your raw
Continually on the grind no time recline
Cause the enemy wants the mind of minors
I'm following the pattern designed by thine divine as the body we gotta combine to rise and shine
So weather your non denomination or Baptist, Pentecostal, Apostolic, Adventist whats happnin
Forget the non essentials cause were tryna unite the body only doctrine taught is keeping Christ as the captain
To deliver the captive is the reason I rap quick
Holy fire live in me so I don't need a match stick
With a hyper sophisticated vocabulary I'm doing verbal gymnastics
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Got my sentences doing back flips
(Rap backwards)
Back flips doing sentences my got gymnastics verbal doing I'm vocabulary
Hey did you catch it?
But to get to my level lil buddy you gotta practice cause its more than just wiggling your fingers while your rapping
This is the time where me, break it down
Not coming to beat you with the bible people but I beseech you sin is lethal evils gonna defeat you and it leads to Sheol
Hell is real
This is real bree lou
Willing to teach you cause you need to seek truth
The only begotten son Jesus seeks to come and redeem you for the father whip cream you
And now the whole world know what it mean to spit a hot 16

Give em a hot 16
The beat is the firewood and the ink from the pen is considered the gasoline
The Holy Spirit will be the agent to set flames to the booth if you get out of the way and let him lead

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