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Sean Rowe - The Ballad of Buttermilk Falls lyrics

The willow, still she cries that lonely song
It's been so long
And the stars are the same stars with the same truth
And in that river's secret, still shivering
The reckoning
That came like thunder on September 1st

4 of them go blind with confidence
It was in their prints
Running like the ground was made of fire
Who could know the terrible deliverance
The consequence
Was hidden under the water's diamond eyes

3 of them are still
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Waiting for a sign, they drop the line
Filling with a horrible numb

The moment whipped against the rocks
It was deafening,
Threatening to grow them up forever

Are you Daniel?
Your signature on the breeze?
Your memory has watched me
But am I a fool to think you would wait in this place

The willow takes it's place and gives her arm, her strongest arm
To the hold the rope that was never meant to k**
The current ate him like a serpent vanishing
Nothing turns a mother from her will

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