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Sean Rowe - Razor of Love lyrics

We burn through the money and take off our gloves,
We cut up our eyes on the razor of love
I can't understand half the things that you can,
But I love you.

My face is a house stuck in hopeless repair,
Your youth took a hike from your beautiful hair,
But I want to grow old with you,
I didn't lie when I told you I love you.

So you reach for the past but it melts like the snow,
Damn decisions they follow you everywhere that you go
You made your mistakes there's no pill left to take,
Just some water.
All the pretty little little things I could make with my hands
All the cheap little notes I could have wrote for the band,
Now you're asking me why I left it to die, because I want you.

All that is new is tired and old again
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What was so ligt is freezing cold again
Do you remember when…
A kiss was a hundred shocks to the spine
And skin was the doorway to the carnal divine.
When the shackles of love had yet to decide
The fate of the fools who follow the blind.

I can't tell very well when you're coming around
With your Lolita whim or your chainsaw mouth,
But it keeps me alive, and that's partly why I love you.

You mistake my silence for some kind of doubt,
When you lose your teeth may it please shut your mouth
There may come a day
When there's nothing I'd say
But I love you.

The evening is toast and restless and board,
And the kids are medieval but we're not the lords,
But I cannot imagine if we didn't have them… I love you.

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