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Sean Rowe - Still Real lyrics

Thank you, thank you I appreciate it

[First Verse]
I raised the bar even when nobody spotted me
Putting life to question my philosophy like Socrates
A couple people hit me just to tell me that they proud of me
But first to turn they back when nobody even smiled at me
Victim of scatter brain like I'm Kurt Cobain
Let a woman in your heart but it's all in vein
I got my head in the clouds my n***a nothing was the same
Until they let my n***a go free is his first name
Feel like it's gun powder in our formula milk
Lean in them baby bottles man survival's a sk**
Taught to never love a woman everything is a k**
Really living those scenes this ain't no movie reel
And all they want is gun bars banana clip might appeal
And they trying to catch us slipping like we stepped on a peel
If I know nothing else just know I've always been real
And your name don't ring no bells like determined navy seals

[Verse Two]
No running marathons for people who stay stagnant
Lately my progression feel like I been going backwards
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Keep myself afloat I'm my own life jacket
When you on the come up all the leeches wanna jack it
They trying to block my shine like they closing all the blinds
Like a pro skateboarder man I'm always on my grind
Had to take the subway just to stay on track
The odyssey is desolate can you just wait on that
Just keep it one hundred like test scores are perfect
And my heart turning cold made these bars like a furnace
To anyone who did me wrong man I pray that you heard this
Had to learn the harder way your two pennies are worthless
Feeling real spiritual in a prophet on verses
We ain't going broke again Imma profit of verses
Get rich or dying trying ya I'm feeling like Curtis
Invest my last fifty cents on my talent and rapping
I'm a hustler baby this flip is gymnastic
Not believing what they make up that foundation collapsing

And I'm still real
Jessee man, they thought since I was in college I wasn't still working
We got to show them we still doing this
Man I still go the bars for ya
I really do
EP January first
Im home now but I might've got caught up with some girls upstate

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