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Sean Bentley - Special lyrics


[Hook 1: Kidd Wave] x4
Girl You Soo Special Too Me
Call Me When You Need Anything
I'll Be Right There By Your Side
She Like Bonnie & I'm Cylde

[Verse 1: Kidd Wave]
Girl you so special anything you want i gotchu
Switching lanes in uh foreign just me & you
Blowing gas riding with the top down, throwing money
In the air watch it fall down
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They can hate if they want , she Don't care bout it
She uh rider so i keep her right by myside
She said she ain't never had uh n***a like me
I said i ain't never had a girl like you

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2: Kidd Wave]
She Like bonnie & im cylde
When there's uh problem ill ride
Tell me whats on your mind,im looking you in the eyes
Thanking god that your mines, i can't keep you off my mind
I be thinking about you all the time, baby you so damn fine &and i swear i ain't lien x5

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