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Scriiipt - Rosen Heartz lyrics

I loved you like no other, heart was in the gutter
You did me wrong, I did you right
I thought we had each other
And now find myself back in the place I was before
My conscious told me "don't you tell me I ain't told you so"
Got me looking in the sky tryna shoot for stars
Just reminiscing on my n***a that died in that car
I had the biggest pill to swallow it was all my fault
Never did I think the devil woulda came across

[Verse 1]
Just ride with me and I guarantee things gon be good
And still I never go to church at the times I should
All this rapping my therapy and it changed my life
Grateful for the moment daddy taught me how to ride a bike
Cuz 90% of my n***as do not have one
Instead they choose to be raised by d** and they hand guns
All these n***as wanna be trappers or play that And 1
The generation of lust and we have only begun

[Hook x2]
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Roll it
Smoke It
We live
We die
We rise to live past 25
We multiply on these crooked cops we pa**ing rocks of knowledge to take our shots
But the government has got us blocked

[Outro x2]
One day
We gon rise form this baby we gon rise form this

[Spoken Word]
Allow me to spark the mind to which we find peace though we never be
That long rope of hope we grabble and tug tryna pull the governments plug
We gotta learn how to heel to show love to our own magnificent kind
Cuz we
We live
We die
This time
We rise

[Hook x2]

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