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Screaming Females - Arm Over Arm lyrics

[Verse 1]

[?] hangs at high noon
A choir is gagged and stabbed with a spoon
I drop through the cracks, you know the feeling

[?] sewed to your hair
A constant watch and white-fist repair
You know me well, besides, I know you


Record of fools


This battle is so easy to do
[?] up for sale
I made my way across the room
And my time is over now

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Setting sights on what you have done
Carving 'b**h' on to my lawn
I took the [?]
And my time is over now

[Verse 2]

My absence is all that you need
It's so much easier to conceive
I'd rob us blind [?]

Look from up in the trees
Here is cupid covered in fleas
[?] all the sound and wings I drew





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