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Screaming Females - Ancient Civilization lyrics

[Verse 1]

I made cigarette burns in the center of your room
Outlined by the legs of a bug on its back
I poured salt from my palm in the center of your room
Slow and steadily built a bridge on your back


Ancient Civilization
Bring me into your halls
Drain the river that feeds me
You just can't wait to meet me

I'd like to ask the host
Can I please stay?
Making the most
Of our last days

[Verse 2]
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Bleed into the turn deep in the pyramids I field[?]
Three dark stars set and sing to the dead man's flood[?]
All nine planets align mimicked in your dance moves
And we have [?] time left to choose



Even the right to live free is gone

[Verse 3]

Crunch your numbers with pause yielding plausible 13
Punching cards for the gods so I'll charge for the cause
Match the mirror's reflection and see what I see
The mirage is in charge, we'll show them who's boss


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