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Scotty Cain - Throw Them b**hes lyrics

n***a we throw them b**hes [x2]


My team flash racks
We got these n***as mad
I see yo b**h I flex just cuz she got a lot of a**
n***a go to trippin
b**h don't make me flash
CainMusik an' 54 gon' get on a n***a a**
We throw them b**hes
Beat a n***a a** put him through the flo'
We throw them b**hes
f** talking b**h Imma dive and break yo nose
We throw them b**hes
He tryna' run? Get a nice grip to his clothes
Beat his a** out the do'
Get in that zone and act some mo'
We throw them b**hes

All I ever wanted was a stack that's full of hundreds
Mine gone, even thoughts, got me feeling 'hunned
Hurt my heart to see my brother Chad Cain wanted
Oh yeah, dude, imma' wack yo rattin' a** for pointin'
Mobbin' in the old school Monte Carlo
In all black, wack and never rat, we ain't no Marlo
Chopper wack, I'll up this b**h and knock off all yo car doors
My cousin Joseph from hittin' licks, free bro Marco
Throw them b**hes
My youngins throw them b**hes
And beef? We throw bullets out the clips until they empty
I'm a menace, but b**h I'm still in it
Go get a n***a just for bringin' me up in they mentions
Money? b**h I get it, get a air bowl then flip it
Tryna jack? b**h I got this Glock that got extensions
I don't think you n***as really with this like I'm with this
Chopper really school a n***a, call it early dismiss


I got clutchin' habbits, so I got bustin' habbits
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Maneuver throw the city and the realluns' just for bustin at ya'
I told you don't make me flash, don't make me flash
See you done that bad, I gotta bust ya a**
f**in' 'round with Harley Ken I got my rollin' racks
Big stacks, I do numbers once I make it back
? hollin' f** ya, you know I'm gonna do you
You see me in this chair, can't fight I gotta shoot ya

[Harley Ken]
Money can't be the f**in' dope charge
Know some rich naggas from c**ain behind bars
Two big meats, my n***a Cut was the sickest
He showed me how to make a meal ticket in the kitchen
Whip it up, Whip it up, Whip it up I'm tryna get rich
Now I live the f**in' life of a superstar
Yeah, I'm flashy, every night I'm in a different car
I ain't finna' throw them b**hes, finna k** ya boy


Get the business clear, n***as p**y, I'm the only son
Catch him talkin this lil' sh**
Bat him in his front
I touched 20 bands
Then I went crazy, It's me, I'm mark
Valet park the 'vette at Nemus I am not a star, yeah
I be on yo b**h
I low-key yo b**h
She bought me some kicks
Then she got dismissed
I'm trainin', I'm trainin', I'm throwing like I'm Russel
Out his body, make him do Pilates on the muscle
What up?

A n***a know I keep a pocket full of C-Notes, Swisher fulla' weed
A clip fulla' hollows to make you busters bleed
In the club wit a big a** pistol like, "Who gon' murder me?"
Put ya hands on me I bet I turn this to a murder scene
Glocks with beams, all us we be clutchin, Either that or choppas
All of them be ready to go bang at you and yo lil' partners
Dreaded up like I'm a Rasta, but I'm out of Ghosttown
Play me, it's gon' go down, send orders if you up clown


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