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Scotty Cain - Play Wit Yo b**h lyrics

Yeah, I said I wasn't gon' do this sh** but
f** it, I gotta, is issall (fex?), you know
Gang, uh
Don't play with me, n***a play wit' yo' b**h (corleone gang?)
Matter' fact, don't play wit' yo' b**h n***a don't play at all
Girl you know, it's gangsta'
But look, all these facts I'm 'bout to put out
It's 'gon make a n***a mad
But look
Don't play wit' me, play wit' yo' b**h n***a
I'm with the sh**'s n***a
Surrounded by a bunch of b**h n***as
Whole lot a jumping dickin' dicks n***a
You a b**h n***a
And you ain't really with the sh**s
Catch you slapping your sh**
Make your b**h eat my dick
Yeah, I heard how (Sharp?) man made your rap
Then after, slapped the f** outcha'
All facts
You might get mad
But this gon' bring the thug outcha'
Ever catch a b**h a** anywhere I'mma beat the f** outchou'
n***a took your phone
Made you move around
What the f** you check out for
You be dick ridin'
You be dick ridin'
You be dick ridin' n***as hard
Same n***a that you dick ridin'
Same n***a say you washing cars
I'm like
"Damn n***a made a song about me?
He must've got on them bars
Or he must be on them ors
Or he must drunk too much aw"
You a rat n***a
You'ld eat paper work just because you'a scared
You prolly ratted 'cause you ain't wan' end up dead
Got my racks up
Had to stack it up
But since you talkin' 'bout bread
You need to invest in a plastic surgeon to fix your lips in your head
All that Cain sh** dead
Fo' real
And I ain't have to sign the deal
n***a I'm runnin' 'em up to a mill
And these (Cain or rat had narcotics on my trap on trap?)
HD a b**h
Jacked 'em out his gun
Then I sold that b**h back
(Sunny?) Cain
A real b**h
That's a fact
That n***a went online
And got a broom stuck up his a** yeah
And (DK?) wanna be a Cain so bad
He'll let a n***a f**
He told us he wanted to be with (Carlyon?)
And I'm like pussies can't f** with us
It's up wit' us gang
That's real facts you was washing cars
Yo' ugly a** with the fata** crescent lips
Look like you was smoking hard
You got a feature from Dolph
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And you still ain't raw
If I would've got a feature from the Dolph I'd be a star
If you caught that line
I'mma bust (the/your?) sh** open like splittin' a gar
The only way I'mma stop drilling yo a** is
If you say "I'm sorry" cause you went too far
And I'mma stop making you spend all yo' money
Send my lil' youngins' to shoot up your car
Nasty mouth a** n***as done (last?)
Diamonds look like a whole bunch of (fall?)
Remember that .38 I let you use to go shoot up a house?
You rolled around dicks and
Found the street life and shot that b**h off
Gay sh** ain't what you need to talk
Cause that ain't what you 'bout
f**ed a b**h
Looked in the phone
You was tryin' cuff her
Yo I put her out
Shout out to (Big Brother Phee?)
'Preciate the watch
Shout out to (M?)
And I appreciate the Glock
Shout out to (Dodie?)
I appreciate the chop
Shout out to you
'Cause I appreciate the thoughts
Can't shout out to (Deez?) Cain
'Cause I don't appreciate the cops
But I appreciate you introducin' a n***a
And I appreciate the guwop
Now I got on
b**h and I cannot be stopped
All of your (run?) 'cause they flop
It gon' take long
For you to get up to the top
So I cannot see you on top
b**h and I'm hot
Ballin' a lot of j**elry just to cool me down
Ice on my wrist
Ice on my neck
Water make you drown
100 rounds in the AR if you gon' see 'bout a n***a
And when I do go with my move
Ain't sparin' you cause you be 'round a n***a
You started dick ridin' these fake a** goons
Thinkin' they still wid' it
I ain't even trippin'
I ain't even tryna' k**
Go too far
I'mma come and getchu
Ahuh, yeah n***a
Don't play wit me, play wit yo b**h
And listen, yo' b**h I mean yo' clique
Cause they ain't nothin' but a bunch o b**hes
A bunch of dick pullin' a** n***as
You know you got rats in yo' clique
You got f**ed up n***as in yo' clique
Then you dick ridin' these false a** goons like they could save you
You know they can't save you n***a
You know what it's hittin' on with me n***a
Double M the gang
f** a Cain b**hes (carlyon?)
You know what it's hittin' on n***a
Yeah and I'mma drop this sh** like that
Yeah get mad all you want
k** me, come see me do somethin' about it
b**h I'm outchea you know what it's hittin' on
Gang b**h

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