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Scotty Cain - NBA Smoke (NBA Young Boy Diss) lyrics

f** a n***a two times and f** what they be reppen'
You p**y cause' you had a n***a 'round [fade out]

[Verse 1]
f** a n***a two times and f** what they be reppen'
You p**y cause' you had a n***a 'round just 'for protection
You two faced it
Might be a rat, and you scary
A n***a kilt yo dog and you ain't [?] out of the [?]
Aye hold up
[?] talkin' reckless
When you ain't have no money
b**h I kept it real when all them n***as say you dumbing
You came riding 'ery n***a dick just 'fore the feature
I just bat a n***a a** to sleep
I can't wait till I see you

[Verse 2]
Instagram pro?
You thankin' it's a joke?
You sayin' you 'on smoke
b**h I'mma let it blow
Mask on, gloves tight
How tha' f** you gon' know
Glock and tha' .44
Since you wanna put on a show

[Verse 3]
Up with tha K and I spray
Up with tha K and you late
Mitch, my name must be gay
I'mma hit you with this b**h and leave you layin' out the gate
Yeah, first 48
n***a, you know I'on't play
I'mma k** you broad day
I'mma slang the f**in' K
You know I'm comin' with drums
I'm k**in' errybody, don't leave a witness
You know I'm 'bout that
Show me where your house at
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b**h I'm comin' clear the bidness
Lil bit a** n***a trippin' I'm clutchin' and stitchin'
Hit 'em in his back shut his nerves down now he ain't got feelin'
I creep with the same cutta'
I put on that [?]
This b**h ain't good enough?
I dig out that otha' roid
I keep me a pocket knife, that cutta' [?] as my otha' squad
I catch a n***a, it's on site
b**h Imma send you to the undergod

[Verse 4]
I'm comin' for her
I'm comin' for him
I'm runnin' from 'em
I'm gunnin' for 'em
I'mma hit 'em up
I'mma bust [?]
Lil b**h a** n***a, you a f**in' munchkin
[?] I'm clutchin' my weapon
Since someone wan' test me
I'mma Gucci Mane stretchin'
I'mma give his a** a blessin'
All I need is .38, that Glock that be extra
Drop this song, wish you neva' woulda' did it

[Verse 5]
Hit you with this b**h so many times
You gon' wish you wasn't trippin
I got a cutter with yo' name on it
Just fo' the dissin'
Tell 'em send me 400 grand when you come up missin'
After you dead I'm f**in that lil ratchet hoe you kissin'
Don't let Dame catch you, he gon' crash out
k** you an' cop out fo' the time and leave yo a** thought
I'mma k** you, beat the sh**
And still be back outchea with that same bullsh**
b**h I got a full clip

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