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Scotty Cain - In My Section lyrics

I'm ready when you ready Q
Byrdie. Scotty Cain
In my section, street n***as be undercover
Everybody cut-throat, don't know who love you

[Scotty Cain]
We was raised around guns...
Then he gone meet the sun...
k**ing over b**hes...

In my section we was raised around guns
n***a snitch on a good n***a then he gone meet the sun
In my section n***as k**ing over b**hes
Better stay your distance, ain't from here don't go to tripping
In my section n***as thugging ain't thinking about jail
So if you slip up you get hit up nobody gone tell
In my section n***as plotting on they n***as
So what the f** make you think them n***as won't come and steal you

[Verse 1: Scotty Cain]
If you know me you know I'm from that 12150
Young age clutching Glocks can't let you come and k** me
n***as slanging iron with knife out this sh** get wicked
I put that poppa on a n***a his people won't get me
Aye, I'm from where n***as k**ing their own parters
Over a couple dollars
Rocking them with that chopper
I'm a survivor you try me ain't no stunting I'm popping
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If I can't get you they gone get you my youngins they wilding
A lot of murder in my section you play it get hectic
We ain't fighting this ain't Tekkin I'm upping the Weston
You can't find no ho in my blood I ain't never been scary
Hoes talk, make them n***as pop up at your sh** like Freddy
All them snitches they get buried can't deal with no telling
I'll smoke a 7 and suit up for a mission I'm ready
We was taught jumping fences with them K's and they heavy
So don't come in my section tripping sh** gone get deadly


[Verse 2: Byrd]
I come in Scotty, Uh
My life hard, no birthdays or wedding bells
All I know, is shoot offs and catching sales
Bail my n***as out, every time they touch the jail
[?] soldier stores, that's all I tell
Jack by your brothers, k** by your own cousin
b**hes with the sh**s, you better watch who you f**ing
How you feel if your girl was trying to set you up
Leave you down bad so a side n***a could wet you up
Sticks and stones may break my bones so words will never hurt me
Got a shooter for your shooter for whoever try to murk me
I don't make mistakes, I f** sh** up on purpose
See who got your back when them bullets start dispersing
I'm backing up; Everything that Scotty says
Put change on any n***a, touch a dread on Scotty head
Ain't nothing but rage, jacking, and k**ing in my section
Don't want to catch nut, you better stay protected


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