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Scotty Cain - Homicide lyrics

(Verse 1)
In my hood you gone blow or you gone end up dead
I say this street sh** ain't no joke
You better use yo' head
n***a make yo' money
[?] told me get my bread
My n***a put his trust up in a b**h and now he dead
All my n***as tellin me I need to chill
My momma say stay out them streets
She pray I dont get k**ed
Can't trust no n***a or no b**h no they don't keep it real
I'm scarred for life ya I stay with it b**h I shoot to k**
P I put that on Lil Dave
I'll murk one of these n***as
I'm rollin 'round I'm just waiting on you n***as
When I spot you b**h I got you
I been waitin on you n***as
Ima hop out wit that 4 pound. Ima bang it til [?]
We gone stick the plug
Come out with that spider
Ridin 'round with that rifle
This b**h here be the discipher
Say Im walking with my 40
This b**h got alotta bodies
NBA that be the gang whole clique full of robbers

I'll rob the whole city 'fore I go broke
Ima die for my respect now tell me what you'll die for
b**h its up there when I catch you boy you better have that iron
And n***a when I see you it's gon' be a Homicide n***a
Yeah its gon' be a homicide
p**y n***a when I catch you its gon' be a homicide (Its gon' be a murder)
Yeah its gon' be a homicide
p**y n***a when I catch you its gon' be a homicide

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(Verse 2: Scotty Cain)
Look I been blockin with this draco trynna merk one of you n***as
Mac 11 burst b**h its a t-shirt with yo' picture
Catch you up the Glock and wave
I got a cake bake for you n***as
Up the chopper drill 'em and make sure ima k** 'em
Drum on the Glock I squeeze this b**h and smush yo' sh** flat
f** a n***a if I jacked you you can't get yo' sh** back. (OOh no)
I'm with that n***a Homicide. If you come get back
If im in it im comin or ima send that
n***a know what it is
Ima slang this b**h I catch a n***a slippin
n***as been trippin lately
So I keep extentions
Better bounce out or this cake cutter gon' bounce you when it hit you
Tell yo' family get some tissue
You b**h you MAFIA


(Verse 2: NBA Youngboy)
Hold on b**h get yo' mind right
Don't talk to me like I'm a child
Pull up on side em at the red light and imam open fire
Countin money for my n***as
You know tell em free Lil [?]
Catch that p**y n***a who k**ed Lil Dave and he gotta die
We know that the [?] team after us
Call my phone, yea I got it ima bag it up
p**y n***a run up in this b**h and ima bag 'em up
I say we ridin 'round with that cutter ain't no smashing us
Youngboy be the name (Youngboy be the name)
NBA be the gang
Jump up out the whip and spray this b**h without no aim
Motha' f** you choose the wrong gang


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