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Scotty Cain - Codeine in a Fanta lyrics

[Intro: Byrd]
Damn, I paid for a whole 8
This look like a 7 1/2
I gave you all your money
Can I have all my drank?

[Harley Ken]
I'm turnt up it's up-up
Sipping that ac out a double cup
Codeine in a Fanta
Codeine in a Fanta

[Scotty Cain]
And my diamond game on floss
With a fat blunt blunt in my mouth
On some sh** you can't handle
Some sh** you can't handle

[Harley Ken]
Bad b**h she fine as f**
Oh she got me rocked up
Getting head in a Phantom
Getting head in a Phantom

[Scotty Cain]
f** pouring deuces, we pour the fours
Straight drop, no k rolls
Codeine in a Fanta
Codeine in a Fanta

[Verse 1: Harley Ken]
Robbin jeans with a four poured in my Fanta
Kush stuffed with exotic sh** you can't handle
Can't wait to get it so I can sip ac in that Bugatti
I love pouring fours that's my f**ing hobby
I'm a super star, b**h, can't meet you in the lobby
Room 533, b**h come give me toppie
Now b**h get the f** out my face
Making love to this 2 liter Fanta, just poured a eight

[Verse 2: Scotty Cain]
My swag up and these hoes on me
Green Jeep with no doors on it
Harley copped the green cause it's about the money
My cup muddy I'm feeling sluggish
My bands up and I'm turnt up
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I been to Cali two hours, I done f**ed something
Smoking the best, gotta feel it in your chest
Two grams nothing less when I smoke something
I'm pouring the syrup, whipping the Audi and puffing the herb
Just dropped a b**h off from giving me head she made the whip swerve
Like when n***as talk sh** cause I'm f**ing they b**h and she get on my nerves
Asking me why I don't ever hit back, cause b**h I be full of that syrup


[Verse 3: Pablo]
Independent with the rap, no label
Sipping red, I don't f** with no label
I'm a boss, I be balling like a Laker
Grew up for the four brothers, no cable
From the [?] so you know I'm bout the dope spots
I don't got to play D, I got a jump shot
I know the game, p**y n***a, like an umpire
Bow Jackson with the trap I play both sides
Sipping ac 1-5 for the PT
We the new Hot Boys, free BG
Been balling in the game like a dream team
And I got a new plug, shout out Walgreens
n***a tasting all the ac, Imma pay that
No seal, no deal, I don't get jack
I buy Asic sick eights, Im a drank head
Got it for the shoulder low, shout out bank heads

[Verse 4: Byrd]
Get the Okay, you shipping it right?
You get it tomorrow, I ship it tonight
Yellow Fanta, never seen with a sprite
Last I cup I had left made me lean to the right
Love the girls, that be with the baddest b**h
You shouldn't have called your plug said he ain't have the sh**
Come from the pint, for looking all sad and sh**
Asking questions like I was the answer
Mellow done, now three in the Fanta
Years of sipping, my belly on Santa
Reality TV, no changing the channel
No joking b**h cold, my ace of spades
Sipping with [?]
sh**, no label, escaping the lean cause
Boosie BadAzz the life that I dreamed of


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