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Scotty Cain - Believe Me (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'mma survivor and I stack a lot of bands padna'
I get betta' and betta' in and out the can padna'
f**in' all them hoes never meant a lot
[?] rounds, sippin drank, me and bird in the drop
All my n***as onehunnit plus they be quick to squeeze
Keep it onehunnit lie once I never believe
On Sherwood Forest with a half I'm bout to stop and z

[Verse 2]
Smoke somethin', f** my b**h, and afta' that I gotta leave
Get back to the yo and drop some hits work on my new cd
Protected, don't need no security, keep my .223
n***as shot at me and missed, so I told 'em pray
He gon need God, when I shoot I'm goin' for the face
I only f** with silent n***as keep that popper with me
Big stacks, ain't no dollas in it straight hunnits and fifties
Pull 'em out in front a n***a b**h now she wanna f** with me
All because I rap, and I'm the hottest yungin' in the city

[Verse 3]
I'mma dive behind my daughter and that's on my daughter
Guns don't k** people, people with daughters be cautious
I used to struggle out the mud stay clutchin tha' .40
Now I'm up with double cups, bands and diamonds flossin'
Flash them racks, I used to do, cause I ain't have sh**
f**in' n***a's hoe that's talkin cause he got a bad b**h
My guards always up you gon' get spanked tryin' that crash sh**
You in yo feelings bout a hoe
Yo hoe the one who gag dick

[Verse 3]
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Everybody show me love cause I'm a real n***a
Don't Sugar coat it Not a baller
That's why they f**ing with me
Any n***a play, no hesitate we handle business
Free my brother Chad and for my enemies may God be witchu
I don't ever second guess a n***a cause it's real
Dude p**y, but you gotta' watch 'em tho' 'cause pussies k**
I'on't feel sh** but God and that's how I live
I ain't join down for nothin'
No talkin' you know the deal

[Verse 4]
I be gettin' it cause I'm tryna' get a ticket
My n***a locked up, he grindin' when his hoe's [?]
n***a snitch, zip 'em up 'eres nothin' he can mention
Hoes gossip, nah I'm on my sh** they tryna' get me
Real life, shootin' that n***a's gon' get you stripes
You the type to brag about the sh**
That sh**'ll get you life
Now you in that cell stressin'
n***a in n out yo wife
You can't trip about that sh** 'cause you the one who rolled the dice

[Verse 5]
In my hood, a lot of soldiers fell
Most of the n***as gone, [?] them n**s neva' tell
I came from that section, we grew up from usin' scales
And the product we slangin' brangin' the junkies, clientale
n***a takin' hits, and think it's all gravy
Until they people double back with somethin' from the navy
Clip carry 80, and you ain't even strapped
Up the clap, put yo' head in yo' lap you ain't gon' make it

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