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Schife Karbeen - Facts lyrics

[Yo Gotti]
I just signed Moneybagg on a yacht
He said f** an album budget he want blocks
He said f** them haters we gon make em hot
This 250 n***a, go buy you a drop
Walk thru for 50, n***a went and bought me a watch
Since you hating on me, come get you a job
Heard you telling on your homies boy you rotten
See me four deep with my homies, boy I'm plotting


[Moneybagg Yo]
Shake some, take some, I was bought up like a savage
I just turnt up on my haters copped the Aston
I'm in Miami, trap swag, Jay's and white tee
Hood n***a, all this fame don't excite me


[Yo Gotti]
I don't care where a n***a from, what he claim (facts)
If the n***a a real n***a we could get some money

Know this rap sh** changed my life, I know I'm blessed for that
Just spent 500 on a drop head, I ain't stressing that
I know Blac Youngsta worth a million I ain't question that
Don't disrespect me and try to squash it, no reversing that

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Come sign with me and get a pack
Or play with me your sh** gon' splat

[Moneybagg Yo]
Trap house jumping off the meter like my shows and features
Before they started sending threats, I always kept a heater
Bring some pills in the back and plenty bowls of reefer
Them other n***as was bustin' heads, I always kept em cheaper
I remember selling bombs, then I blew up like a bomb, profits off the bomb
Put it in my charm, couple karats on my arms
Real n***a just putting words together, I'm not no rapper
And them n***as just putting words together they not factors


[Yo Gotti]
And I go federal, federal, federal
I'm on perks, xans, et cetera
Honey, came home with me, she was a miracle
f**ed the lil b**h, to date might
n***as gon talk, but I don't be hearing them
n***as gon bluff, but I don't be fearing them


Off the yacht, the sh** be clearing them
The bullets, the sh** be piercing them
n***a want war they best insuring them


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