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SCHEMAPOSSE - The Touch lyrics

Young Cobain with a XLT
In the back of the red Marquis
Got a pretty brunette tied up with a gag in her mouth but I'm making sure she can breathe
That's on me
White ghost with a "e"
You bumping my sh** while disturbing the peace
Every bad thing that you ever let cross your brain
See I make it reality
Remember that dang b**h want sympathy
You get none from me
Talk sh** then you wanna be tight with me
Only thing that you finna get is lead, homie
But ole JGRXXN run up in your crib with a ski
Mask on
With a red magnum in your f**ing desk
Schema the team
RIP to the "used to be's" and the "trying to be's"
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[Verse 2: JGRXXN]
Pa** me the Glock
Drive by in the schema on the [?]
You can see the red beam
f** you boys mean?
I'm aiming at your back
Watch it exit out your spleen, homie
Could it be he?
That was bumping your gums
Talking about you got the chips
You ran up on the crust
So your a** got touched
The Schemaposse in the house
Those chains better be on tight
That Schema sh**

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