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SCHEMAPOSSE - Words You Hear On A Sinking Ship lyrics

You saw that fire from a distance but you let it go
You let it burn
Now it's really getting out of control
Now all the sudden you come runnin' but it's way too late
You watch that sh** takeover your hood and now you live in hate
Like I said
"Don't ya come around when you see a motherf**er blow"
Just wait and drown
Let that water fill your lungs and throat
b**h, you ain't a thang
'Cept for handshake
No hello
And don't you say you know me, hoe, cause Schema only know
Wait around waiting for what? I don't know I'm just [?]
[?] wasn't a hoe

[Verse 2: JGRXXN]
Damn, JGRXXN turn to the max
Now I want his a** on a track
Is it cool?
See your sh** blowing up and you know I f**s with you, huh?
Even though I never hit your phone and never returned your texts
Don't give a f** about that
Seen your sh** on the rise and I want a piece of that pie
Hold up how
Slow your roll
Scare your distance
Follow back
Who is you?
You's a foo
If you think that's gonna work
Triple six
Ain't no blunts so Indica
In the cut
Better control your hoe
Cause she see us blowing up

[Verse 3: LiL PEEP]
I could remember when no one had nothing to say to me
Now they all up on my dick
Schema the clique
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When I look I see no competition
LiL PEEP, I'm up in this b**h
Poppin' whatever come at me
I'm off of the trappy
Look at me
I'm slashing my wrist
I'll put 'em back in they place
Nobody loved me but now they relate
All of the sudden they act like I'm great
Act like my cousin gon eat off my plate
What? Cause I'm buzzin', you finna get paid or something?
Nah. you buggin'
I came from nothin'
Don't come around when I'm up and I'm comin'
b**h, you wasn't there
I got hoes on my stomach
No I don't love 'em
b**hes, they love me
But no I don't cuff 'em
I've gone through all this for all of my brothers
All of the troubles
They double they hunnids
Triple a time
Triple six bumpin'
I'm sippin' on wine
If you ain't f**in' then get to the side
If you are lucky enough to survive
Keep this in mind
b**h, you ain't nothin'

[Outro: LiL PEEP]
She said she love me now and back then
She ain't love
She just lookin' for rent
She pick me up in a black Benz
s** my dick like she ain't want this sh** to end
She said she love me now and back then
She ain't love
She just lookin' for rent
She pick me up in a black Benz
This ain't never gonna end

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