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Schama Noel - Let it Rain lyrics

[Chorus 1: August Flo]
I know that in due time we're gonna' be just fine
We'll be alright, alright (x3)

So just

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain (a lot)

[Verse 1: August Flo]
Thunderstorms are bound to happen
Nightmares are a force of habit
These same nightmares filled my pa**ion
And pushed me to try out rapping
Seat belts fastened, here we go
Trains' in motion, let it go
I imagine this wouldn't happen if my heart wasn't so broke
By some girl that I barely know, by my friends treating me so cold
Baseball dreams going up in smoke
Life forced my hand now I got to go
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Got to go, bridges burned
Now I know man lesson learned
At the point of no return so no turning back man court adjourned
Looking back one day I know imma tell God "thanks for the hurt"
But right now, it just feels like day to day trying to find my self worth
I know we all hurt, feeling like it's the end
We'll come together get back up again
We family, got our backs to the end dog

[Chorus: August Flo]

Let it Rain (even more this time)

[August Flo]
Fill your mind with knowledge, it's worth it to go to college
Don't let them take your voice, and quit waisting it on "sausage"
I'm just being honest, hey man I don't want no problems
I know that you still ain't listening so pa** it off to Schama

[Verse 2: Schama Noel]

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