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Schama Noel - Get Your Paper, Grind Real Hard lyrics


Get your paper
Grind real hard
Smile at haters
Talk to God
Party later
Don't worry bout broads
If you live by these rules
You can have it all

[Schama Noel]

Obama's black!
I know that they mad
400 years of slavery, I just had to say that
Shouts out to Dylan Roof
This happens often, it just feels new
You k**ed life it's gon k** you too
Don't look at me I don't make up the rules
I am merely just a messenger
The girl you think you texting has a million other messengers
Don't ever think you exclusive
Don't ever think she is stupid
Don't ever think she's conducive
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To whatever you might be doing
Oh you hypnotized because them hips & thighs be moving?
Oh just cause you scoring you don't think you might be losing?
Just think about your bank account it ain't the same amount
She emptied out your pockets and you at a lost for language now
I hate to say I told you so
Lust is an illusion, love's the only hope
You thought she was Juliet to your Romeo
But you always peep the bull at the rodeo



[Verse 2]

We can go if you want
Just know that you lost
No spots on my flow
I create flows on the spot
These black skins worth more than the Gold on yo watch
Ima put the O on the map
It's Schama if you didn't know
Stick yo hands right next to my mixtape if you feeling cold
The talent is unequivocal
I don't have to talk because I have the visuals

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