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Schama Noel - Game On Lock (Prod. West Wane) lyrics

[Verse 1 :Schama Noel]
Better brace yourself
The foe against me, don't disgrace yourself
Better place yourself in a position thats out of my way
Get out of my face
Flow is unearthly cause I'm outta that space
Told a girl sometimes get outta my space (can't copy me)
Cause you can't keep up the pace
You just a mouse, i got the right click and best believe we leading the race
We the type to take your food in a drought stare you dead in the eye and eat in your place
You looking at a legend, How many times i gotta stress it
Is "Schama Noel" the best rapper in Florida how is that even a question?
I'ma black genius, I'ma rap genius, every song i drop tops Rap Genius
Every song I'm on goes platinum
I'm just kidding, I'm just flexing
I'm meticulous, ridiculous, intricate, and a bunch of other synonyms
And I'm kinda venomous
These others are hit or miss, but i never miss
And its quite evident
These rhyme schemes are the evidence I'm quite sick
In the time being get some medicine
I done evolved y'all dudes still developing
Who gone bring their self back
Thats all I'm asking
Who really all about that?
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Il take the challenge!
I would ask one of y'all but i don't see the talent
You make music to bump to but you're rapping
Sk**s are average
I'm the only guy above the Quo of the status

[HOOK x2 :Schama Noel]
I got the Game on lock
Put the blame on 'Pac, put the blame on DOT, put the blame on Andre3k, Eminem, Drake, can't forget Jay, be a shame if i don't mention Ye
I got the game on lock
Put the blame on 'Pac, put the blame on Nas, put the blame on Lupe, and it'd be the biggest shame if i didn't mention Wayne

[Verse 2 :Schama Noel]
This past year i seen a lot of hatred
"Schama can't flow", "Schama can't rap!". Well at least I'm the topic of conversation
They want me to hop in a coffin face first, but now the flow top notch; I know they hurt
They try'na cock block me and hip hop but i will not stop until i take her
You gotta understand, I'm gonna be the man
I'm gonna be the victor, so you really ain't even got a chance
My wordplay k**s yours
I son you, boy you might catch a tan
Boy I'm sharper than twin swords
Spit like I'm missing a front tooth... You know who i am

[HOOK x2 :Schama Noel]

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