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Schaliach - You Maintain lyrics

[Lyrics & Music: Ole Borud]

You maintain that I am dead
You neglect the words I said
You maintain there's no Divinity
You have chosen an ideology
That has left you blind

You maintain there is no evidence
To prove that I'm behind your existence
You maintain there is no truth in Me
You avoid the possibility
That I gave you life

You cannot see that

I sustain everything
I am the origin
I am the author of life
I'm your creator

Surely you think you know what's best
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But your mind just won't give you rest
Your heart is filled with hopelessness
By reason of your emptiness
You're in need of love

You must belive that


Blinded by pride
You shut Me outside
You could be free
If you would just listen to Me

Your void can be filled with My love
A love I proved through Jesus Christ My Son
He died so that you could be set free
And understand what life is meant to be
Truth can be revealed

Then you'll see that


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