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Sceptic - Only Lies lyrics

Concerning the senses as major fault
Of existing in almost unreal world
Cannot find your place in a queue
Never know what's false or what is true
Queue created by your own catastrophic ideas
That tell you - There are only lies

Nothing's as it may seem
In reality filled with deja vu

[chorus 2]
Searching for the meaning of truth
Makes you unable to do anything more
Than speculating what's real and what is not
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What does your common sense suggest you
If there's something optimistic in your pessimistic eyes

[Solo: Jacek]
[Solo: Czesiek]

Trying to find the realm you cannot see
Thoughts that are not what they should be
Fighting with fear that drills your mind
Creating disease - cure can't be find
Forlorn form of sub consciousness itself
Reminds you - There is no truth

[repeat chorus]

There are only lies!

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