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Scath na Deithe - This Unrecognized Disease lyrics

Faceless, Desolate, This Isolation
It Tears Mind, Body And Soul
These Cruel Empty Days Seem Unending, Uncertain
And Where Crule Words Are Whispered
There Is No Escaping The Flame
The Mind Is Blinded By Disease
Stricken, The Search For Clarity
Failing To Recognise The Peril Where Dormant Anxiety Gathers
Pledge Nothing But Flesh
And Trust Only In d**h
The Silence, The Waiting
That Familiar Presence
Resentment Towards The Self
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Pacing, Unnerving, The Steps By The Door
What Fresh Torture Do They Beckon
To Drink Poison Is To Them The Only Cure
Not Untl Your Demise Will This Torment Cease
Not Until Your Spirit Is Driven From You
This Unrecognized Disease, Dormant Superstition, Living Decay
Alone To Wander In Your Mind
Free From This World, Free From A Mothers Curse
Free To Gaze In Complete Apathy
At The Limbs That Writhe Beneath You
As They Twist And Blacken
The Very Soil Resonated
The Land Screamed Out
But You Were Mute

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