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Scath na Deithe - Bloodless lyrics

The Things I Wish I Could Unsee
The Music I could Silence
When We Are Left Behind
When Old Fears Grow Strong
Who Of This World Will See The Face Of God
When We Are Buried
When We Are Forgotten
When We Are Forced To Question
Mark Their Skin And Tear Their Hearts Out
It Takes A Dying Man To See The Truth
It Holds Back The Answers
It Waits Patiently
It Fuels Hatred At The Self
It's Name Is Uncertainty
And It's Music Will Not Be Silenced
We Have No Blood To Give
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These Lands Echoe Our Names
Yet They Could Not Be Further From Your Lips
We Have No Place In This World
As An Effigy Of The Story Teller
Laid Restless In His Tomb
Where His Words Beat Hopelessly Against The Stone That Traps Him
You Must Spill Blood To See The Face OF God
So Mark Our Skin And Tear Our Hearts Out
We Stand Bloodless Before You
As You Force Us In To The Shadows
And We Scream Out In The Dark
You Will Pa** From This World Grey And Silent
Where We Will Linger Hopeless
With The Story Teller In His Tomb
BeatIng Our Heads Against The Stone

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