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SBNZ - Trail Blaze lyrics

Bro just made some money off a fake a** pint of lean
Bro just took that money and just roll us up some green
Them girls need some fun I think its time to hit up team
I just think its funny how it's always some typa scheme
I been on my loney, focused only on my dreams
I should face the whole leaf just to slowly let off steam
Lets yo on a journey off the highest quality weed
Lets go loaf, no worries in a forest full of trees

Lets go have a fest. I get so hungry got munchies
Lets get some lettuce and some cheese and all this bread, Ill buy the tree
She say she a vegetarian this ain't no sandwich with bologna
If she come with any consent she gone have bruises on her knee
I don't know she seem like the type so ima just go do me
If she ain't no hoe and im not right she gone have a whole another view on me
I don't know If I finesse it right she might just catch this D
I don't know if she just her for the ride so I'ma just have to see

She say "why I always gota throw something every time we f**ing meet"
I say "girl you always buy sh** that you dont even f**ing need"
She say "boy I spend my money on my soul snatching weave
But sh** f** it. Im a baller im gone make back with ease
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I got 5 since im always look out for all the weed"
I say "girl you lying and what type of baller throws a fin to the tree
You done lost it. Need to get your life then come right back to me"
She said "maybe you right. Need to get right. f** it lets get t'd

I got 10." I said "girl you better try that one more 'gain"
She say "boy stop playing, you know you lucky 'cause you my friend
Okay fine. Ill just match this whole lil twinny twin twin
Since you dying to for me to dig in this little money i got to spend"
I said "why you holding back? You got money, you got racks
This a get away and you be going crazy on that pack
Cop a 7 at the minimum girl these woods should be too fat"
She say "you hit me with these facts i might as well go head and do that"

From that point I realized its been bullsh** all this time
From that point I realized she thought tagging along would slide
From that point I realized Im just tryna get low eyes
From that point she's real nice cause she f** with all our vibes
Then I distribute with all the guys. Dont trip this not our own supply
This trip is only for our eyes. This zip is for you so who got dimes?
I know kush got a O and shorty got two 3.5s. I know i got a O so i got mines
And the rest of this dope goes to you big time. Lets all just roll up and sooth our minds


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